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2nd Wind Marine, LLC

Primary Industry: Construction 2nd Wind Marine, LLC PO Box 850
Galliano, LA 70354-0850

Locate 985-637-9838 Contact: Contact: Orgeron, Joseph

Miles away

3G Power

Primary Industry: Construction 724 Rambler Street
Albany, TX 76430

Locate 3253267918 Contact: Contact: Whitt, Derrick

Miles away

3M Company

Primary Industry: Operations & Maintenance 3M Company 13011 McCallen Pass Bldg C
Austin, TX 78753-5387

Locate (180) 075-5265 EXT 4 Contact: Contact: Hardy, Thomas

Miles away

3M Electrical Markets Division

Primary Industry: 3M Electrical Markets Division 6801 River Place Blvd
Austin, TX 78726-4530

Locate Contact: Contact: Grambusch, Sally

Miles away

3S Americas

Primary Industry: Component Supplier 3S Americas 2840 Guilder Dr Ste 100
Plano, TX 75074-8349

Locate 86(106) 9597866 86(106) 9598969 Contact: Contact: Scialdone, Giovan

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Primary Industry: Resource Assessment/Wind Forecasting 3TIER 2001 6th Ave Ste 2100
Seattle, WA 98121-2534

Locate (206) 325-1573 (206) 325-1618 Contact: Contact: Hilgenbrink, Casey

Miles away

AC883 Nordic Trade Services

Primary Industry: Consulting AC883 - Nordic Trade Services 174 Spadina Ave Suite 514
Toronto ON M5T 2C2

Locate (416) 312-5242 Contact: Contact: Bendsen, Lars

Miles away

Acciona Energy USA Global LLC

Primary Industry: IPP Acciona Energy USA Global LLC 55 E Monroe St Ste 1925
Chicago, IL 60603-5767

Locate (312) 673-3000 (312) 673-3001 Contact: Contact: Stoddard, Tracy

Miles away

Acutus Industrial Power Inc

Primary Industry: Component Supplier Acutus Industrial Power Inc 18 Rue Industrielle Unit 407
Delson QC J5B 1V8

Locate (514) 898-6001 Contact: Contact: Jian Xiong Liu, Kenny

Miles away

Advanced Insulation Systems LLC

Primary Industry: Raw Material Supply & Processing Advanced Insulation Systems LLC 11490 Westheimer Rd Ste 925
Houston, TX 77077-6853

Locate Contact: Contact: Sherman, Mike

Miles away

Advanced Power

Primary Industry: Project Development & Planning 155 Federal St
Boston, MA 02110

Locate Contact: Contact: Lamb, Aaron

Miles away

AEP Pro Serv

Primary Industry: Regulated Utility AEP Pro Serv 1616 Woodall Rodgers Fwy
Dallas, TX 75202-1234

Locate (214) 777-2998 (214) 777-3777 Contact: Contact:

Miles away

AeroTorque Corporation

Primary Industry: Component Supplier AeroTorque Corporation 1441 Wolf Creek Trl
PO Box 305
Sharon Center, OH 44274

Locate (330) 590-8105 Contact: Contact:

Miles away

AES Clean Energy

Primary Industry: IPP AES Clean Energy 2180 S. 1300 E. Ste. 600
Salt Lake City, UT 84106-4462

Locate (703) 522-1315 (703) 528-4510 Contact: Contact: Moreno, Leonardo

Miles away

AFRY Management Consulting Inc

Primary Industry: Consulting 295 Madison Ave Rm 705
New York, NY 10017-7758

Locate (978) 519-6500 Contact: Contact: Behrens, Claire

AFRY is a global leader in energy market modelling, and the benchmark in providing revenue projections of all technologies across the European and North American electricity and gas markets. We produce projections not only with sophisticated market models developed in-house and tested and calibrated over decades, but also thanks to a deep understanding of the inputs and a detailed analysis of their interactions. We have a global network of national country experts covering the European interconnected area, Latin America, North America and select other regions worldwide

Miles away

Afton Chemical Corporation

Primary Industry: Raw Material Supply & Processing Afton Chemical Corporation 500 Spring Street
Richmond, VA 23219

Locate (804) 788-5000 (248) 350-0025 Contact: Contact: Rohrer, Phil

Miles away


Primary Industry: Component Supplier AIMCO 10000 SE Pine St
Portland, OR 97216-2350

Locate (503) 254-6600 Contact: Contact: Hall, Skylar

Since 1970, AIMCO has been providing Global Assembly and Critical Bolting Tooling solutions for the Automotive, Electronics, Aerospace, Energy Services, and General Assembly Industries.

Headquartered in Portland, Oregon, AIMCO has become a leading importer and exporter of industrial power tools. AIMCO currently exports to over 33 countries.

In 1999, AIMCO began manufacturing its AcraDyne® line, which produces a complete line of DC Controlled Tools and custom built multiple spindle systems. Our service, repair, and calibration labs provide fast turnaround on repairs; additionally, all electronic torque equipment meets NIST standards. 

If Productivity, Ergonomics, Reliability, and Quality are driving forces in your business, then let AcraDyne® be your value-added partner. AcraDyne® provides cost effective solutions for our customers by resolving challenges related to tightening and critical bolting strategies, tool selection and installation, joint failure analysis, audit trails, and methods. This, combined with operator training, maximizes the production efficiencies our tools provide.

AcraDyne® produces a complete line of DC Controlled Tools as well as custom built multiple spindle systems ranging from approximately 1 to 12,000 Nm. All Made in the USA. 

Our strategically located sales force, coupled with our worldwide distributor network, make AcraDyne® the right choice for you.

Miles away

Airstreams Renewables Inc

Primary Industry: Academic Airstreams Renewables Inc 410 W J St Ste A
Tehachapi, CA 93561-1411

Locate (661) 822-5624 Contact: Contact: Duff, Jeffrey

The ARI accelerated 240 hour
 Renewable Energy and Communications Tower Technician Program offers a complete complement of safety and technical lessons designed to provide a solid foundation in the fundamentals of wind energy and communication towers to prepare you for an entry-level position in the industries. 

Miles away

Akuo Energy USA Inc.

Primary Industry: Project Development & Planning Akuo Energy USA Inc. 645 N Michigan Ave Ste 980
Chicago, IL 60611-2878

Locate (312) 283-3400 Contact: Contact: Shi, Elaine

Miles away

ALA Industries

Primary Industry: Component Supplier ALA Industries 3410 Delta Dr
Portage, IN 46368-5120

Locate Contact: Contact: Hagen, Kevin

Miles away

Alerion Technologies S.L.

Primary Industry: Project Development & Planning Alerion Technologies S.L. Calle Etxaide 10-Bajo
20005 Donostia-San Sebastian Gipuzkoa

Locate Contact: Contact: Penagaricano, Oier

Miles away

alkitronic Inc.

Primary Industry: Services 4625 rue Louis-B. Mayer
Laval QC H7P 6G5

Locate 833-486-7783 833-486-7783 Contact: Contact: Mediavilla, Paloma

alkitronic Inc. is your one-stop shop for industrial bolting solutions in North America. Made in Germany, alkitronic torque multipliers, hydraulic wrenches and pumps have set the highest standards for performance, accuracy, efficiency, and safety. The electric torque wrench was pioneered and first patented by alkitronic in 1984. Our mission is to make our customers’ jobs as safe and hassle-free as possible. We are a bolting systems supplier for most major Wind turbine OEMs. Despite its 35 years as an established and successful player in the German and European Markets, alkitronic is a relative newcomer to North America. Alkitronic has opened a direct distribution channel in 2020 to serve the North American market with its head office in the Greater Montreal Region and reps throughout the continent. Alkitronic brings proven, high-quality bolting solutions at a pricing that is both fair and competitive. 

Miles away

Allete Clean Energy

Primary Industry: Project Owner Allete Clean Energy 30 W Superior St
Duluth, MN 55802-2191

Locate Contact: Contact: Creurer, Ran

Miles away

ALLETE Clean Energy

Primary Industry: Regulated Utility ALLETE / Minnesota Power 30 W. Superior St.
Duluth, MN 55802

Locate (202) 638-7707 (202) 638-7710 Contact: Contact: Underdahl, Thor

Miles away

Alliant Energy

Primary Industry: Operations & Maintenance Alliant Energy 31072 State Highway 13
Hartland, MN 56042-4177

Locate (563) 538-3130 Contact: Contact: Wren, Laura

Miles away

ALSTOM Grid Inc.

Primary Industry: Component Processing/Manufacturing ALSTOM Grid Inc. 7475 Wisconsin Ave Ste 1100
Bethesda, MD 20814-3424

Locate (441) 785-2500 EXT 70 Contact: Contact:

Miles away

Alstom Power

Primary Industry: Component Processing/Manufacturing Alstom Power 1100 Boulders Pkwy Ste 601
North Chesterfield, VA 23225-4035

Locate (804) 763-7676 (804) 272-2373 Contact: Contact: Boudreau, Edward

Miles away

Alterra Power Corp.

Primary Industry: IPP Alterra Power Corp. 1100-888 Dunsmuir St
Vancouver BC V6C 3K4

Locate (604) 669-4999 Contact: Contact: Carson, John

Miles away

Altra Motion

Primary Industry: Component Supplier Altra Motion 8955 Ridgeline Blvd Ste 1200
Highlands Ranch, CO 80129-2363

Locate 45 63255255 Contact: Contact: Lightbody, Britt

Miles away

American Clean Power Association

Primary Industry: Association/Institution American Clean Power Association 1501 M St NW Ste 900
Washington, DC 20005-1700

Locate (202) 383-2500 (202) 383-2505 Contact: Zichal, Heather Contact: Brown, Stefanie

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