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Company Information

Since 1970, AIMCO has been providing Global Assembly and Critical Bolting Tooling solutions for the Automotive, Electronics, Aerospace, Energy Services, and General Assembly Industries.

Headquartered in Portland, Oregon, AIMCO has become a leading importer and exporter of industrial power tools. AIMCO currently exports to over 33 countries.

In 1999, AIMCO began manufacturing its AcraDyne® line, which produces a complete line of DC Controlled Tools and custom built multiple spindle systems. Our service, repair, and calibration labs provide fast turnaround on repairs; additionally, all electronic torque equipment meets NIST standards. 

If Productivity, Ergonomics, Reliability, and Quality are driving forces in your business, then let AcraDyne® be your value-added partner. AcraDyne® provides cost effective solutions for our customers by resolving challenges related to tightening and critical bolting strategies, tool selection and installation, joint failure analysis, audit trails, and methods. This, combined with operator training, maximizes the production efficiencies our tools provide.

AcraDyne® produces a complete line of DC Controlled Tools as well as custom built multiple spindle systems ranging from approximately 1 to 12,000 Nm. All Made in the USA. 

Our strategically located sales force, coupled with our worldwide distributor network, make AcraDyne® the right choice for you.