Build Transfer Agreements: Technical Risk Management for Utilities

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The incentive for utilities to own renewable energy projects are changing and increasing, but it is not always clear which ownership model is the best. One such model, Build-Transfer Agreements (BTA) is growing more popular.

There are many variants of BTAs available, including one in which utilities sign asset purchase agreements (APA) earlier in the development process. As a part of the APA, developers stay on to provide the remaining development services, and often act as the construction manager. There is a balance to strike between defining the project in great enough detail to ensure quality and reliability, and leaving enough flexibility from a design perspective to ensure EPC pricing will be competitive, EPC contractors won’t balk at requirements, and opportunities for optimization remain.

This session will describe the main technical risk elements utilities need to consider when negotiating an APA/EPC, and best practices for each.

During this webinar, you will learn:

1.           What are the five main risks, in the context of BTA, for utilities related to power plant performance, quality, reliability, budget, and safety?

2.           How can utilities define the project in great enough detail to ensure quality and reliability when negotiating the APA/EPC?

3.           How can a utility leave enough flexibility from a design and equipment selection perspective to ensure EPC pricing will be competitive, and opportunities for optimization remain in negotiating the APA/EPC?

Featured Panelists:

Cory Gessert, Head of Section - Engineering, (Moderator)

Reem Bashatly, Senior Energy Storage Consultant

Adam Abatzis, Manager – Solar Due Diligence

Nathan Kautzer, Senior Electrical Engineer

Jeff Newmiller, Principal Energy Analyst

Michael Cookson, Principal Engineer

Michael Longfellow, Senior Structural Engineer

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