Wind Energy, School Budgets and Classroom Outcomes: Empirical Evidence of How They Interact?

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Over 600 school districts in the United States have utility-scale turbines installed in their communities and many of those installations provide tax revenue that is directed to the district. This tax revenue can be used for a variety of expenses including capital projects and current expenses. As wind development continues, new wind projects will provide significant additional annual tax revenues for local school jurisdictions. LBNL will present the first national analysis examining if historical wind development’s tax payments have flowed to schools, been used for various expenditures, resulted in changes to the teacher-student ratios, and tied to changes in student achievement.

In this presentation, we will unpack that research and present to attendees the preliminary findings. Given time, we can also summarize the range of tax policies in the U.S. that affect these potential flows of monies to local schools, including if and by how much local resident tax burdens in wind-rich areas have been affected.

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