Acoustic Noise Measurement Techniques (ANSI/AWEA 61400-11)

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Format: PDFNumber of pages: 61 AWEA Standard 61400-11 AWEA 61400-11 Acoustic Noise Measurement Techniques is an identical adoption of IEC 61400-11. This standard presents measurement procedures that enable noise emissions of a wind turbine to be characterized. This involves using measurement methods appropriate to noise emission assessment at locations close to the machine in order to avoid errors due to sound propagation but far enough away to allow for the finite source size. The procedures described are different in some respects from those that would be adopted for noise assessment in community noise studies. They are intended to facilitate characterization of wind turbine noise with respect to a range of wind speeds and directions. Standardization of measurement procedures will also facilitate comparisons between different wind turbines. Once you complete your purchase AWEA will send you an individual watermarked digital copy for your use. Disclaimer: This document is proprietary and its use is subject to a legally binding license agreement and disclaimer (the "Agreement") which can be found online at: as it may be updated from time to time.