Measurement of Mechanical Loads (ANSI/AWEA 61400-13)

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Format: PDFNumber of pages: 109 AWEA Standard 61400-13 Measurement of Mechanical Loads is an identical adoption of IEC 61400. This standard deals with mechanical load measurements on wind turbines and mainly focuses on large (40 m2) electricity generating horizontal axis wind turbines. However the methods described might be applicable to other wind turbines as well (for example mechanical water pumpers vertical axis turbines). The object of this specification is to describe the methodology and corresponding techniques for the experimental determination of the mechanical loading on wind turbines. This technical specification is intended to act as a guide for carrying out measurements used for verification of codes and/or for direct determination of the structural loading. This specification is not only intended as one coherent measurement specification but can also be used for more limited measurement campaigns. Once you complete your purchase AWEA will send you an individual watermarked digital copy for your use. Disclaimer: This document is proprietary and its use is subject to a legally binding license agreement and disclaimer (the "Agreement") which can be found online at: as it may be updated from time to time.